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Proudly assisting business buyers since 2002.

Our Clients

Our clientele falls into two main categories: individuals and entities.

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Our services cater to highly qualified individuals armed with management experience and adequate capital to acquire and oversee a small or mid-sized business. These clients typically seek businesses...

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Our entity clients include companies, family offices, and private equity groups with annual revenue between $5 million and $50 million, who are prepared to pay a fair market price to gain additional...

Our Process

Business Transfers & Strategies employs a proprietary process to aid buyers in identifying, assessing, financing, and finalizing the acquisition of businesses that align with their criteria.

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Preparation & Lead Generation

Business Selection & Letter of Intent, Buying A Business, Business Transfers and Strategies

Business Selection & Offer

Business Acquisition Consultants

Business Acquisition

Business Acquisition Consultants, Business Transfers and Strategies, Buy Existing Business

Business Transfers & Strategies has a reputation for, and is committed to, advising and supporting business buyers.

Catering to both individuals and entities, our clients typically aim to acquire businesses with annual sales ranging from $2 million to $50 million. We leverage our extensive acquisition experience and methodologies to help prospective buyers achieve their objectives of business ownership, growth, or expansion.

Boasting over 20 years of experience in mergers and acquisitions, our forte lies in aligning specific client criteria with suitable acquisition targets. These targets are typically unadvertised in the public market, offering our clients exclusive access to these unpublicized sellers (i.e., “proprietary deals”). Our process for acquisition completion is meticulous, comprehensive, and time-tested.

Business Transfers and Strategies works with a wide variety of clients, helping them complete transactions in a number of industries.

We serve individual clients, primarily consisting of corporate executives looking to transition to independent business ownership. Additionally, we assist entities such as private equity groups, family offices, and mid-sized companies, seeking to bolster their capacity, capabilities, or customer base.

Our primary focus is on manufacturing, distribution, and service businesses generating an EBITDA of up to $5 million. In doing so, we assist buyers who aspire to pursue opportunities larger and more complex than most main street businesses. The lower middle market segment is teeming with acquisition targets that offer substantial cash flow and potential for growth, all at a reasonable price. We excel at identifying, evaluating, and aiding our clients in acquiring these types of businesses.

Business Transfers and Strategies, Business Acquisition Professionals, How To Buy A Business, Buying A Company

For Business Owners

At Business Transfers & Strategies, we understand the skepticism often faced by business owners when they are approached by a business advisory service claiming to represent an interested buyer.

 When we contact business owners, we are genuinely representing a qualified and sincere buyer. Our primary commitment is to facilitate the business acquisition process for our clients, enabling them to leverage their past business and management experience to enhance their new venture.

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